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Born in Orange County CA, Joseph Chandler started listening to music at the age of 6 when his father gave him his first transistor radio. At age 14, Joseph started playing by ear, on an old, dusty piano his family had. By the time Joseph entered High School he had formed his first rock band Titanic. When Joseph was 20 he wanted his music to have a greater purpose. He was led to the Lord by a Baptist preacher on the front steps of a church in Placerville, California. He realized he could only justify playing music for God’s glory and would not return to secular music again.

With a new purpose and reason for living, Joseph toured the US with The Waddington Family, as a keyboardist and solo vocalist. He performed in churches and Gospel meetings around the country, singing songs by Chuck Gerard, Andre Crouch, and Dallas Holmes, as well as his own contemporary songs. One day, his Pastor pulled him aside after church, and counseled him with these words, “You’re kind of an ‘Outlaw’ for the Lord, and you’ll only be able to play Gospel music. The Lord has put a gift in you, and you must fulfill your destiny by changing people’s lives with your music.”

In the late 1990’s, Scott Teegarden, who worked with the band, Journey, encouraged Joseph to write songs for them. While writing the songs he was was hit by a drunk driver, and sustained a concussion that developed into terminal meningitis. By the time the songs were recorded, Journey was already mixing and Joseph was very ill. Seeking healing and medical care all over the country, Joseph’s only hope was prayer to God who could heal. Through much prayer and the laying on of hands, Joseph was miraculously healed. The weeks following, his symptoms, sores, palsy, and seizures, completely disappeared. Doctors could not explain what happened. Joseph was told he had a new lease on life that he would treasure for the rest of his life.

Now with a new outlook on such simple things as being able to play a piano, or walk without pain, Joseph’s music reveals a whole new realm of excitement and gratitude. The Lord has told Joseph that he is to become the Christian form of Journey.’ He began composing what would soon become the album, “Love Again”. The Lord filled Joseph with inspiration, song after song, about Joseph’s life and how God had touched him and changed him were soon set to music.  Joseph’s desire is to tour with his music and what some people call, ‘a sound within a sound’ or miracle music.

Joseph and his wife, Linda, live in Northern California.