M and M Productions was founded in 1982 as Morgan and Morgan Productions by Julian Morgan. At that time Julian owned and operated his own recording studio in Riverside, CA. He began the company with providing local musicians with an affordable recording studio to record and produce their own music. He progressively grew the business into a larger recording studio in the Riverside area. After years of operating his recording studio, he decided to expand the company in 2010, and to found M and M Productions.

In July of 1986, Mix Magazine wrote about Julian and his involvement with World Soundworks. His work on two major projects highlighted his growing success as a recording engineer and producer. The first project mentioned was his work with Arthur Wright, of Motown Records, to engineer and produce the Hill Sisters. The second project was working on songs for Hands Across America, a powerful charity effort that raised $34 million to fight world hunger.

Julian expanded his vision of the company by providing the unique American Soul and R&B sounds to Asian clubs in Japan and China. His in-depth experience and knowledge acquired in 47 years of hands-on music production, performance and promotion work has proven invaluable to our success. He assembled high caliber musicians, writing music, shaping and training said musicians into two dazzling R&B groups, 2Creation and 2Natural, that now sell out at night clubs and venues for multiple Asian tours.

A social networking advocate, Julian found beautiful and talented R&B artist, Andrea Miller, on Facebook. Together they are collaborating with Commodores and Taste of Honey member and producer David Cochrane, to produce Andrea’s premier CD for the M and M Productions music label. Recording and producing is conducted at East West Studios in Hollywood, with sound engineer Anthony Mantz. The CD is scheduled to be completed and released by the end of 2013.

Encouraged by his successes in Asia, Julian is partnering with successful American music groups including A Taste of Honey, Gretchen Menn; and local, homegrown Southern California music groups, to perform in night clubs and venues throughout the Western U.S.