Dark Measure

Dark Measure delivers pure thrash metal hailing from San Diego, California.
Dark Measure is an amalgamation of musical ideas and concepts with one clear goal in mind :

Create Pure Metal.

Dark Measure is a vision of metal created by Jason Lenhard in 2003. After many years of woodshedding and focusing on song structure, songwriting, lyrics, and guitarwork the next key goal was to find bandmates with exceptionally skilled talent. In 2008 with solid songs in pocket, an old bandmate, Brad Struble was sought out knowing Brad had solid lead guitar chops. More practice and woodshedding for the now two guitarists with Jason on rhythm and Brad playing rhythm and leads playing to programmed drums.

Via an acquaintance in 2009, Jon Pont, who is a skilled solo guitarist in his own right, eventually became serious enough to join in and Jason picked up the bass. Now Dark Measure has the perfect thrash metal set up with a vocalist / bassist flanked by two shredder guitarists who can play and play well.

Dark Measure is a DYI band and is ramping up to travel and play original metal to the masses globally. In 2012 Dirk Ver Beuren from Soilwork was hired to record drums on “The Keeper” and can be heard on the local San Diego radio station 105.3 Loud and Local. In 2013 Rory Packard (Under the Stone, Ruinnes ov Abaddon, Squirrelly Arts) has joined Dark Measure as the drummer.

Jason Lenhard – Vocals / Bass
Brad Struble – Guitars
Jon Pont – Guitars
Rory Packard – Drums

Dark Measure Website