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Christopher Dean has always been interested in music. Beginning at age 9 when in the 4th grade his grandmother Bernice, a graduate of the Southwestern College of Music) rented a clarinet for him for his school music class. Her influence is reflected in his passion for the genres of classical, early jazz, & ragtime; and for entertainers including Scott Joplin, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, and Danny Kaye. By the time he was 16 years old, Christopher had learned to play the saxophone, drums and piano. However adolescence, rebellion, and drugs briefly became a priority, and music took a back seat. At the age of 18, in 1987, Bernice had passed away. Realizing what she had meant to him, Christopher picked up the only piece of an instrument he had left, an old pair of drumsticks, and music moved to the forefront of his life again. By 1994, he had left drugs behind, and bought a Yamaha PSR510 and a keyboard with a 5-track recorder built into it, and began his recording career. In 1995, Christopher had copyrighted his first works of five classical piano pieces. In addition country music was growing on him. Garth Brooks, George Straight, Randy Travis & Travis Tritt topped his country influences as he grew to appreciate other genres. It was in November of ’95’ when he met the woman who would become his wife, Ann. After buying a Fender Squire, Christopher began to play music with his friends. It was from these garage jams that Christopher first heard of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Blues became his next big influence. In 1998, Christopher & Ann moved to the Riverside area. It was in 2000 that he landed a position on the worship team at his church. Shortly after, he & a couple of other members revived a band named Second Chance, an outreach ministry. Christopher has lived through rough times. He has written, collaborated, & recorded with others while finishing his first project, “Lighthearted”, a title in which Christopher describes as, “…having one’s heart focused on the light of salvation through Jesus Christ.” Christopher has no intention of ever slowing down with music again, “My grandmother had mentioned that music is in me, it’s a part of who I am just as it was with her. When I finally die, I’ll probably have a pair of drumsticks in my hands.” Check out Christopher’s EPK: