M and M Productions is privileged to be working with the most talented professionals in the music industry!  We believe that the artists, musicians and engineers that we are working with are the best in music.  Our mission is to produce music that reaches directly into the soul of the audience through the talented musicians working with us.  They are our heart and soul and we believe that together we will reach the top of the music industry!

The company currently has two groups that are touring Japan and China, spreading the love of R & B throughout Asia.  They are currently on their third tour in those countries, where they have played to sold out music clubs!

We plan to promote other groups throughout the U.S., China and Japan this coming year!  We are currently working with 2Natural and 2Creation to continue to further the gospel of music love throughout the world!

Shelly Rann, The Mullins Sisters and Charissa Nicole are  the premier touring artists of M and M Productions, and are working with executive producer Julian Morgan. Together with the M and M Production team we endeavor to produce music that reaches the hearts and souls of our fans with peace and love!

Our Team

Julian Morgan, CEO

Julian Morgan, CEO

Julian Morgan is the Founder, CEO, President and Executive Producer of M and M Productions.

He has worked as a musician and a music producer for over 50 years. Julian has owned and operated his own recording studios since 1980, in the Southern California area.

Julian is also a music promoter, and currently has two groups successfully touring Japan and China, spreading the love of R & B throughout Asia. They are currently on their third tour in those countries, where they have played to sold out crowds!

He has Written, Recorded, Produced, Performed and Toured with groups or members of Tower of Power, Rose Royce, Commodores, Atlantic Starr, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Paula Abdul, Expose, Taste of Honey, The Platters, Undisputed Truth, Rocky Padilla, Andrea Miller, Jessica Beaza, Z-Looke, Cedar Breaks, Bad Boys, 2Natural and 2Creation; and numerous other groups from a variety of genres, including Rock, Country, Jazz, and R & B.

Carolyn Tagariello

Carolyn Tagariello, CFO

Carolyn Tagariello is the Chief Financial Officer for M and M Productions.

Carolyn earned her Masters degree from the University of San Diego Graduate School of Business.
During her professional life spanning more than three decades, she has contributed to the success of the companies where she has worked as an engineer and manager.Now, she is combining her engineering and leadership skills with her passion for music production, sound recording and information technology.

David Cochrane

David Cochrane, Producer and Artist

David Cochrane, formerly of the Commodores, has produced songs for Lionel Ritchie, Atlantic Starr, and Paula Abdul.

He is a gifted saxophonist and vocalist that has been responsible for album hits like “My Love”, “Can’t Slow Down”, “All in the Name of Love”, and “Forever Your Girl”. David is currently producing Andrea Miller together with Julian Morgan and M and M productions. We are honored to be working with a producer of David’s background and caliber.